July 28-29, 2018

 We are called to feed the hungry at our door …

Your donations are needed to help feed the hungry in our own community. Please help us stock our parish pantry. St. Mary of the Mills distributes free groceries to individuals and families in need. We help between 40-60 people meet their nutritional needs each week. The need is ever increasing yet our supplies remain critically low. Your generosity is appreciated. 

Please bring your donation to Mass next weekend July 28-29. There will be collection tables near the Lounge area of the Keesler Center Gym or you may bring donations directly to the rectory.

In effort to provide standard packages with easy to prepare food, we ask you to PLEASE, ONLY provide items that have been requested below. We cannot accept items in bulk sizes or glass containers. We cannot accept food which has expired, and we cannot accept perishable items. 

My Last Name Begins With:                        Food Items that I have Been Asked to Donate:

A-C                                                                   Canned Fruits – peaches, pears, fruit cocktail, Mandarin oranges, jelly

D-F                                                                   Canned Proteins – tuna fish, Vienna sausages, SPAM, peanut butter

G-I                                                                    Pastas & Sauces – boxed pasta, sauces, canned ravioli, spaghetti-o’s

J-L                                                                   Side Dishes – boxed stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, instant rice, mac & cheese

M-N                                                                  Soups – meat soups, stew, chili, chicken noodle

O-Q                                                                  Whole Grain Cereal – cereal, oatmeal, cereal bars

R-S                                                                  100% Fruit Juices – juice boxes or pouches

T-V                                                                   Healthy Snacks – granola bars, dried fruit

W-Z                                                                  Canned Vegetables – peas, carrots, vegetables, green beans, baked beans

If you would like to pre-bag one of our standard grocery packages instead of following the list above, we ask you to include the following: 2 cans of tuna fish, 2 boxes of macaroni & cheese, 2 cans of vegetables, 2 cans of soups, 2 cans of fruit, 1 box of pasta and one jar of sauce, 1 can pork and beans or baked beans, 1 can of SPAM or other meat spread, a can of chili or stew, one box of rice, instant potatoes or stuffing, a box of instant oatmeal or cereal, and a package of cookies. We ask you to please black out the UPC code if you pre-bag. Your support of our parish pantry is greatly appreciated!   

Please contact Marsha Raymond at mraymond@stmaryofthemills.org or 301-725-3080 ext. 236 for more information. Thank you!