All questions can be directed Marsha Raymond, our Director of Social Justice

Pantry and Bag Lunches 

Every week St. Mary’s distributes groceries and bag lunches.  Food drives are held on a regular basis but weekly donations are accepted and can be placed in the back of church or taken directly to the rectory.  Groups or individuals can sign up to make 50 sandwiches a week.  Contact the Parish Office to sign up.  

We also are in constant need of donations for our Food Pantry.  Learn more here.


St. Mary's Knights of Columbus joins with the SHARE program that provide nutritious groceries for thousands of families each month.

Monthly value packages cost just $20 and include $40-$50 worth of basic and healthy groceries, typically made up of 4-5 pounds of frozen protein products, 1-3 grocery items, and 8-9 pounds of fresh produce. Anyone and everyone may buy as many SHARE packages as they'd like by registering with our Knights of Columbus Program.

Formula and Diaper Collection

The last weekend of each month we collect formula and diapers for our pantry and to distribute to various local agencies that help new mothers.


Every year between Christmas and New Year’s, St. Mary of the Mills hosts the cold night shelter for homeless men and women in the greater Laurel Community.  This includes breakfast, brown bag lunches, dinner, dessert and drinks. Volunteers are needed to help with various tasks throughout the week including serving as overnight chaperones. The overnight shelter also offers opportunities for the youth of the community to gain insight and perspectives into the issues of homelessness as well as opportunities for community service hours.