How Flocking Works

For $20.00 you can order a dozen Flamingo yard decorations and have them put in someone else's yard!  Upon receipt of your order form and donation, a member from the Flamingo Flocking Team will secretly place a flock of bright pink flamingos in the requested friend's front yard.  Birds will migrate in the evening and will remain in the yard for no more that 48 hours.  A notice will be attached explaining the removal policy and how to order the flamingos to be "forwarded".

The flamingos will be removed from their "landing site" by a member of the Flocking Team within 48 hours of placement.  These flamingos can then be forwarded onto the next friend.  Requests can be made by filling out a Flocking Order form. Flocking Request Forms can be found in the church bulletin or downloaded here

Flocking is done in good spirits and is not meant to be malicious.  to make this fundraiser successful, we must have that same good spirit.  Flock removal does not require payment - though a donation to benefit the Youth Group program would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, and Happy Flocking Season!